Atom bombs do not work

The original newspaper release was that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were fire bombed like Tokyo and it was only later that the story of the Abomb surfaced. All brick buildings were left standing, including the Bank of Japan which is still in use today. No residue “radiation”..
No Atom bombs have ever been used even during the Vietnam war where every other despicable weapon was used including chemicals. The USA lost this war.
No dictator or mad leaderr has ever used nuclear weapons.
All photos and film of atomic explosions are easily proven fake . .
Various scientists have shown the actual mechanics of an Abomb are not workable . .

The Atomic bomb hoax was thought up by the USA, Russia and UK after WWII. Various other countries have been let into the hoax. The idea is to keep the masses in constant fear.

Not one single nuclear weapon large or small has ever been used.

Logical conclusion:- They don’t work
asked on Sunday, Aug 20, 2017 02:56:39 AM by

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Bo Bennett, PhD

This is simply a classic Conspiracy Theory , and personally, far more outlandish than most of the ones I have heard before.

answered on Sunday, Aug 20, 2017 06:05:29 AM by Bo Bennett, PhD

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David Blomstrom
I'm working on a series of political books, including one focusing on conspiracy science. I lump conspiracy theories into three categories: credible or confirmed (e.g. Watergate), non-credible (e.g. the U.S. government is creating earthquakes) and, in between, fringe conspiracy theory (e.g. chemtrails).

I agree with Dr. Bo on this one; this is a non-credible conspiracy theory. In fact, I hate to even call it a "conspiracy theory," because I think the term deserves a little respect.

There are simply too many victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki blasts. There are even reports of people suffering from radiation sickness in Ethiopia. Africa's victims aren't associated with atomic/nuclear blasts but with nuclear wastes that are apparently being dumped off the coast. But if nuclear energy (along with accidents like Fukushima and Chernobyl) is a fact of life, is it such a stretch to imagine that people could have converted atomic energy for use in warfare towards the end of WWII?

I believe that huge conspiracies involving multiple organizations and even national governments are not only possible but common. But a conspiracy involving eight or nine nations that falsely claim to have nuclear weapons is a little hard to believe.
answered on Sunday, Aug 20, 2017 10:59:05 AM by David Blomstrom