Question: "Middle Ground/Golden Means"

This sounds like a Hasty Generalization. Trump supporters are not cut from the same cloth; some have different viewpoints. The same is true for immigrants, Israelis, and Palestinians. (One area where this is less true is that Palestinians have in their charter the goal of the destruction of Israel. There are still Palestinians who disagree with this notion, but it is a part of their identification.)

You are not a lesser human being. You are a different human being. For what it's worth, my son has Asperger's Syndrome. He also has many traits that I wish I had and I wish others had. Compromise involves asking your counterpart to relax some of his beliefs, and in exchange, you will relax some of yours.

People's opinions only affect you if they are codified into law. Believing one way, yet allowing others to act in a different way, is a cornerstone of the American ideal. I wish more leaders would see it that way.