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Reason--Book-IReason: Books I & II (autographed copy, hardcover edition)
This book is based on the first five years of The Dr. Bo Show, where Bo takes a critical thinking-, reason-, and science-based approach to issues that matter with the goal of educating and entertaining. Every chapter in the book explores a different aspect of reason by using a real-world issue or example.

Part one is about how science works even when the public thinks it doesn't. Part two will certainly ruffle some feathers by offering a reason- and science-based perspective on issues where political correctness has gone awry. Part three provides some data-driven advice for your health and well-being. Part four looks at human behavior and how we can better navigate our social worlds. In part five we put on our skeptical goggles and critically examine a few commonly-held beliefs. In the final section, we look at a few ways how we all can make the world a better place.

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Bo-Bennett-Book-BundleBo Bennett Book Bundle

All EIGHT of my printed books, all autographed. Save over $50! Logically Fallacious (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Positive Humanism: A Primer (autographed copy, paperback), Reason: Books I&II (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Some Really Personal, Yet Entertaining Stories..., The Concept (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Uncomfortable Ideas (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Year To Success (autographed copy, hardcover edition), and my latest, Eat Meat... or Don't - the moral arguments for and against eating meat (autographed copy, hardcover edition)

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