What fallacy is this stonetoss comic 

What stonetoss was essentially expressing in this comic was that, A, in the first panel he showed a character expressing that white privilege exists because of "white billionaires". The next three panels illustrate another character looking at the portrait than noticing a sign that indicated that the billionaire was jewish, B (that is a euphemism trying to illustrate the point that all jews are billionaires). 

To follow Stonetoss's train of thought because A asserts that white privilege exists because of the existence of white billionaires,  than he asserts because the billionaire A mentioned were all jews, therefore the premise of point A is wrong, and the premise of Point B is correct. 

I know that the premise of this whole comic is incorrect, but im interested to see the fallacy that this comic's reasoning falls under

asked on Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 04:55:15 PM by Joe

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So from what I gather, this comic is anti-semitic in that it implies that all the 'white' billionaires are actually Jewish instead, and something is amiss about that. We can make several inferences:

- if stonetoss is arguing that there is some sort of 'big Jewish conspiracy' (which is almost always where these arguments are headed), we have magical thinking (conspiracy bollocks is typically predicated on many fallacies, but this one underpins them all).

- there is an implied false dilemma between being 'white' and being Jewish (the two are not mutually exclusive in today's societies).

- the concept of white privilege is not limited to billionaires. It refers to unearned advantages (or lack of disadvantage, if you'd prefer it to be put that way) that white people get for being members of the majority racial group. Stonetoss seems to be distorting the concept. 'White billionaires are actually Jewish, therefore white privilege does not exist' would be a non sequitur.

The comic is just...bad. Really bad. 

answered on Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021 09:37:39 PM by Rationalissimo

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