Lynx Ssss

Non sequitur?

asked on Thursday, Sep 09, 2021 10:58:01 PM by Lynx Ssss

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Lynx Ssss writes:

Don't know why the question didn't post but here is the question 

1.Our brain is made up of cells

2. Brain is what that makes us conscious.

3. Therefore we are cells.

posted on Friday, Sep 10, 2021 02:58:06 AM
Prof M writes:

To eliminate the non sequitur try this:

P: We have brains made up of cells.

C: Therefore (the correct conclusion is), we have consciousness.

posted on Saturday, Sep 11, 2021 05:02:24 PM

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Rationalissimus of the Elenchus

Looks like a non sequitur to me.

answered on Friday, Sep 10, 2021 05:08:12 AM by Rationalissimus of the Elenchus

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Prof M writes:


posted on Friday, Sep 10, 2021 04:18:05 PM