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Stolen Concept Fallacy

Description: Requiring the truth of the something that you are simultaneously trying to disprove.

Logical Form:

Person 1 is attempting to disprove X.
X is required to disprove X.

Example #1:

Reason and logic are not always reliable, so we should not count on it to help us find truth.

Explanation: Here we are using reason to disprove the validity of reason, which is unreasonable -- reasonably speaking.

Example #2:

Science cannot be trusted.  It is a big conspiracy to cover up the truth of the Bible and the creation story.  Besides, I saw fossils in the creation museum with humans and dinosaurs together, which proves science is wrong!

Explanation: Geology is a branch of science.  Using science (examining fossils through the science of geology) to disprove science is absurd, a contradiction and, therefore, a fallacy in reasoning.

Exception: Intentional irony.

Fun Fact: The nofallacies fallacy is the belief that fallacies don't exist (not really).


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