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On Reason and Rationality
Collecting Fallacies
Being a Smart-Ass
Format and Style of this Book

The Fallacies

Accident Fallacy
Ad Fidentia
Ad Hoc Rescue
Ad Hominem (Abusive)
Ad Hominem (Circumstantial)
Ad Hominem (Guilt by Association)
Ad Hominem (Tu quoque)
Affirmative Conclusion from a Negative Premise
Affirming a Disjunct
Affirming the Consequent
Alleged Certainty
Alternative Advance
Appeal to Accomplishment
Appeal to Anger
Appeal to Authority
Appeal to Celebrity
Appeal to Common Belief
Appeal to Common Folk
Appeal to Coincidence
Appeal to Consequences
Appeal to Definition*
Appeal to Desperation
Appeal to Emotion
Appeal to Extremes
Appeal to Faith
Appeal to Fear
Appeal to Flattery
Appeal to Force
Appeal to Heaven
Appeal to the Moon
Appeal to Normality
Appeal to Nature
Appeal to Novelty
Appeal to Pity
Appeal to Popularity
Appeal to Possibility
Appeal to Ridicule
Appeal to Tradition
Ambiguity Fallacy
Anonymous Authority
Argument by Emotive Language
Argument by Fast Talking
Argument by Gibberish
Argument by Personal Charm
Argument by Repetition
Argument from Age
Argument from Fallacy
Argument from Hearsay
Argument from Ignorance
Argument from Silence
Argument of the Beard
Argument to Moderation
Avoiding the Issue
Argument to the Purse
Base Rate Fallacy
Begging the Question
Biased Sample Fallacy
Blind Authority Fallacy
Broken Window Fallacy
Causal Reductionism
Cherry Picking
Circular Reasoning
Commutation of Conditionals
Complex Question Fallacy
Conflicting Conditions
Confusing an Explanation with an Excuse
Conjunction Fallacy
Conspiracy Theory
Definist Fallacy
Denying the Antecedent
Denying a Conjunct
Denying the Correlative
Disjunction Fallacy
Distinction Without a Difference
Etymological Fallacy
Exclusive Premises
Existential Fallacy
Extended Analogy
Failure to Elucidate
Fallacy of Composition
Fallacy of Division
Fallacy of Four Terms
Fallacy of (the) Undistributed Middle
Fake Precision
False Attribution
False Conversion
False Dilemma
False Effect
Far-Fetched Hypothesis
Faulty Comparison
Gambler’s Fallacy
Genetic Fallacy
Hasty Generalization
Having Your Cake
Historian’s Fallacy
Homunculus Fallacy
Hypnotic Bait and Switch
Hypothesis Contrary to Fact
Illicit Contraposition
Illicit Major
Illicit Minor
Illicit Substitution of Identicals
Inflation of Conflict
Jumping to Conclusions
Just Because Fallacy*
Just In Case Fallacy
Least Plausible Hypothesis
Limited Depth
Limited Scope
Logic Chopping
Ludic Fallacy
Lying with Statistics
Magical Thinking
Meaningless Question
Misleading Vividness
Missing Data Fallacy*
Modal (Scope) Fallacy
Moralistic Fallacy
Moving the Goalposts
Multiple Comparisons Fallacy
Naturalistic Fallacy
Negative Conclusion from Affirmative Premises
Negating Antecedent and Consequent
Nirvana Fallacy
No True Scotsman
Non Sequitur
Notable Effort
Overwhelming Exception
Package-Deal Fallacy
Poisoning the Well
Political Correctness Fallacy
Prejudicial Language
Proof by Intimidation
Proving Non-Existence
Quantifier-Shift Fallacy
Quantum Physics Fallacy*
Questionable Cause
Red Herring
Reductio ad Absurdum
Reductio ad Hitlerum
Regression Fallacy
Relative Privation
Retrogressive Causation
Rights To Ought Fallacy*
Selective Attention
Self-Sealing Argument
Slippery Slope
Special Pleading
Spiritual Fallacy*
Spotlight Fallacy
Statement of Conversion
Stolen Concept Fallacy
Strawman Fallacy
Style Over Substance
Subjectivist Fallacy
Subverted Support
Sunk-Cost Fallacy
Suppressed Correlative
Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Two Wrongs Make a Right
Unwarranted Contrast
Use-Mention Error
Weak Analogy
Willed Ignorance
Wishful Thinking

B-List Fallacies

Abductive Fallacy
Accent Fallacy (fallacy of prosody)
Amazing Familiarity
Ambiguity Effect
Ambiguous Assertion
Appeal to Closure (more specific form of argument from ignorance)
Appeal to Coincidence
Appeal to Complexity
Appeal to Convenience
Appeal to Luck (good or bad luck)
Appeal to Envy (Argumentum ad invidiam)
Appeal to Equality
Appeal to Intuition
Appeal to Privacy
Appeal to Stupidity
Appeal to Utility
Argument by Dismissal
Argument by Laziness
Argument by Pigheadedness
Argument by Rhetorical Question
Argument by Selective Reading
Argument by Uninformed Opinion
Argument from Design
Argument from Inertia
Argument from Omniscience
Argument To The Future
Argumentum ad Captandum
Argumentum ad Exemplum (Argument to the Example)
Barking Cat
Big Lie Technique
Blood is Thicker than Water (Favoritism)
Bribery (Material Persuasion, Material Incentive, Financial Incentive)
Burden of Proof Fallacy (onus probandi, shifting the)
Chronological Snobbery
Confesses Under Torture
Damning with Faint Praise
Double Bind
Double Standard
Emphasis Fallacy
Essentializing Fallacy
Exception That Proves The Rule
Failure to State
Fallacy of Multiplication
Fallacy of Opposition
Fallacy of Quoting Out of Context
Fallacy of the Crucial Experiment
Fantasy Projection
Faulty Sign
Finish the Job Fallacy
Galileo Wannabe
Golden Hammer Fallacy
Hifalutin' Denunciations
I Wish I Had a Magic Wand
In a Certain Respect and Simply
Intentional Fallacy
Invincible Ignorance Fallacy
Knights and Knaves
Lack of Proportion
Latino Fallacy*
Lies (Misrepresentation)
Lip Service
Lump of Labor Fallacy (Lump of Jobs Fallacy)
Mind Projection Fallacy
Monopolizing the Question
Norm of Reciprocity
Not Invented Here
Outdated Information
Packing the House
Paralysis of Analysis (Procrastination)
Pious Fraud
Pragmatic Fallacy
Preacher’s We
Probabilistic Fallacy
Psychologist's Fallacy
Sanctioning the Devil
Scope Fallacy
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Sherlock Holmes Fallacy
Sly Suggestions
Snow Job
Sour Grapes
Spin Doctoring
There Is No Alternative
Too Broad
Too Narrow
Weasel Wording
Word Magic

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