Question: logic just made up stuff like religions.

That was one hell of a weak analogy. It is fallacious in so many ways.
Rules of religion are "made up" arbitrarily without the intention of acheiving an understanding of the world. Religious rules are things like men should not wear silk, women should not show their hair, and people should not eat pork. The laws of logic are entirely different and are used to acheive a better understanding of the real world and can have their utility be put to the test by seeing differences in the world as a result of applying the rules of logic in many ways.
The fact that some people believe in something while others don't does not make that "something" equally probabilistically true or false to any other thing. Some people don't believe that the Earth is a sphere. Does that make the spherical Earth equally probable with every other proposed geometrical shape like the Earth being flat, cylindrical, cubic, or donut-shaped?