Question: "Middle Ground/Golden Means"

See Dr. Bo's List of Fallacies:

Identity Fallacy
(also known as: identity politics)

Description: When one's argument is evaluated based on their physical or social identity, i.e., their social class, generation, ethnic group, gender or sexual orientation, profession, occupation or subgroup when the strength of the argument is independent of identity.

Logical Form:

Person 1 makes argument X.
Person 2 dismisses argument X because of the physical or social identity of person 1.
Example #1:

S.J. Sam: Asian people in this country are systematically passed over in the tech field for non-Asians.
Cindy: Actually, according to most research, employers are biased in favor of Asian technical workers.
S.J. Sam: Unless you are Asian, keep your mouth shut. You can't possibly know the struggles of the Asian community!
Explanation: S.J. Sam is making an empirical claim about a hiring preference for non-Asians. Cindy has refuted the claim that is independent of her physical or social identity (i.e., her ability to refute the argument is not dependent upon her being Asian). S.J. Sam rejects her rebuttal because she is not Asian. In addition, he pulls a red herring by changing the argument to "knowing the struggles" of the Asian community.