Question: logic just made up stuff like religions.

I'll give this post the most charitable interpretation, that is, I am assuming that you are asking this because you have heard other people make similar comments and not that you are troll who likes to enjoys getting emotional reactions out of people by writing ridiculous things :)

Logic does have "rules" but they are not made up by people. These are like the laws the nature that are descriptive, i.e., they are rules/laws that come from observation and testing. The rules are logic are no more "made up by people" then the law of gravity.

As for "some believe in it and some don't," well, some people don't believe in gravity either. Some people are morons. any other myth, religions, they might be useful as a tool of control and or power for a few things but mostly useless.

Sounds like you are referring to rhetoric here, not logic, although mastering logical fallacies can be used for manipulation. The laws of logic and good reasoning are far from useless. In most practical and material terms, logic and reason are the defenses against scams, con artists, and those who use rhetoric to manipulate. As a personal anecdote, professionally I am programmer and software developer who has made millions of dollars mastering logic (programming is all about logic). So useless? I beg to differ :)

Update: Saturday, Nov 10, 2018 12:12 PM

My response to an anonymous comment:

People observe many things and are incorrect all the time.

We are getting setup for a the classic "because people are wrong about some things, then they are probably wrong about this" fallacy. This is fallacious because it is ignoring probability and statistics. For example, because "people are wrong all the time" I cannot logically conclude that I am wrong about having a penis. Each instance of being wrong needs to be evaluated on its own merits.

Language is just made up by people , and logic , math , laws are all made up of language.

Classic equivocation fallacy. Language is "made up" by people as in "socially constructed, created". Logic, math, and laws are "made up" as in "described by". Unlike language, logic, math, natural laws exist whether we describe them by language or not. This is the heart of the problem what I mentioned previously about not understanding the difference between something that is prescriptive versus descriptive.

People have observed and been wrong about most things and will continue to do so.

Demonstrably false. People are right about most things... this is how we navigate the world and survive. We are wrong about many things, and those things are memorable and make a lasting impression, therefore, you come to the wrong conclusion that "People have observed and been wrong about most things" (availability heuristic, confirmation bias).

Thanks for responding , I would think a logical person would be less boastful,

"Boasting" has nothing to do with logic. I provided a concrete example counter to the point that "logic is useless." The example was not for my benefit, it was for the original posters. I guess I could have referenced programmers such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, those are much better examples.

less likely to use name calling ,

I rarely use name calling, so you are right (at least about me) being less likely to use name calling. I save the rare cases to for instances like these to describe flat earther's and those who share their egregiously incorrect beliefs.

and have a bias for made imaginary things like most.

I have no idea what that means.