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Some-Really-Personal--Yet-Entertaining-StoriesSome Really Personal, Yet Entertaining Stories...
What is a “normal childhood?” Does it include almost being murdered by your sister with an ax? Speeding around town in the back of a station wagon because your mom is chasing an “alien spaceship”? Being busted by the police for intent to light a pond on fire? Tackling your mom to the ground and wrestling a knife out of her hand because she was trying to kill your dad? While my stories may be unique, readers will be able to relate to the broader themes are part of a normal childhood such as sibling rivalry, eccentric parents, doing stupid things, and frequently preventing one’s parents from literally murdering each other.<br><br>Although some of the subject matter is not something one would generally laugh at, you have my permission to laugh. Social rules don’t apply here; my rules do. It works for me, and who knows, after reading the stories from my past, you might be inspired to see your own screwed up past in a more humorous light.

Bo-Bennett-Book-BundleBo Bennett Book Bundle

All EIGHT of my printed books, all autographed. Save over $50! Logically Fallacious (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Positive Humanism: A Primer (autographed copy, paperback), Reason: Books I&II (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Some Really Personal, Yet Entertaining Stories..., The Concept (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Uncomfortable Ideas (autographed copy, hardcover edition), Year To Success (autographed copy, hardcover edition), and my latest, Eat Meat... or Don't - the moral arguments for and against eating meat (autographed copy, hardcover edition)

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