Ask Your Questions About Logical Fallacies

Welcome! This is the place to ask the community of experts and other fallacyophites (I made up that word) if someone has a committed a fallacy or not. This is a great way to settle a dispute!

Dr. Bo's Criteria for Logical Fallacies:

  • It must be an error in reasoning not a factual error.
  • It must be commonly applied to an argument either in the form of the argument or in the interpretation of the argument.
  • It must be deceptive in that it often fools the average adult.
Therefore, we will define a logical fallacy as a concept within argumentation that commonly leads to an error in reasoning due to the deceptive nature of its presentation. Logical fallacies can comprise fallacious arguments that contain one or more non-factual errors in their form or deceptive arguments that often lead to fallacious reasoning in their evaluation.
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Is there a logical fallacy here? "The universe could be infinite in size".

(What follows is a philosophical, theoretical scenario.) Is any of it fallacious? Bill (B) : I think the universe could be infinite in size, and in all directions. Joe (J) : infinity is a mathematical concept, which cannot be actualised. There is ...

asked 18 hours ago by Jim
China had the capability to create Covid-19.

Is this a logical fallacy? China had the capability and biological warfare programs to create Covid-19. Therefore, China did create covid-19. 

asked on Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 02:14:04 PM by Jason Mathias
99% survival rate of covid-19, therefore we should do nothing to stop it.

What fallacy is this? Person 1: Covid has a 99% survival rate, therefore we should not be wearing masks, taking vaccines and implementing mandates. 

asked on Saturday, Oct 16, 2021 11:44:38 AM by Jason Mathias
Gaps fallacy

Person1: DNA is encoded information, a language with rules like spoken words or a computer code. The cell contains nanomolecular machinery that reads and interprets this information to build the structures of the cell. There is no known material sub...

asked on Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021 05:41:18 PM by Daniel
Is this a valid or fallacious argument, and why?

If dinosaurs died millions of years ago, then scientists wouldn’t find DNA in dinosaur fossils. Scientists found DNA in dinosaur fossils. Therefore, dinosaurs didn’t die millions of years ago. The argument form would resemble this (...

asked on Monday, Oct 11, 2021 08:49:04 PM by mnac87
Fallacy of a single cause

This first post to this site. So far I find it very informative. My question is,  is the fallacy of a single cause, the same as reductionism, or reductivism? My understanding is that reductionism is to break down a complex system, into smaller segm...

asked on Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 01:23:56 PM by Dtybur
You are free to believe that...

Often when I am talking to conspiracy types and I present the evidence and logic for a particular explanation of something they think is a hoax (spacecraft launching satellites for example) they reply with: 'You are free to believe that, I won't jud...

asked on Saturday, Oct 09, 2021 03:30:37 AM by Daniel
What is wrong with this reasoning?

Bill (B), is a strong believer in God Joe (J), is an atheist B - God created entirety. Absolutely everything. Nothing existed before God. J - Nothing? No matter, no energy, no particles, just unbounded void? B - Yes. J - How is it logically possibl...

asked on Friday, Oct 08, 2021 03:48:18 PM by Jim
Can anyone which fallacy this is please

Beauty is power. Power corrupts people.  Therefore,  beautiful people are corrupt. 

asked on Friday, Oct 08, 2021 01:09:26 PM by Andy
What’s the best way to unpack this?

What’s the best way to unpack and identify the flaws in this response?  James Neal - let me guess, you are a fan of MMT? Wouldn't surprise me. It is trash for many reasons, here are five. Regarding the debt ceiling, this is a constant g...

asked on Thursday, Oct 07, 2021 09:43:54 PM by James